Training & Life At Indian Naval Academy (NAVAC)

INA Campus

Indian  Naval Academy (NAVAC) is ideally set between the Mount Dilli, Kavvayi backwaters and Arabian Sea. This makes it an idyllic setting for training with its picturesque and tranquil environment. This is the premier training establishment of the Indian Navy and the academy is responsible for conducting the basic training for all officers being inducted into the Indian Navy under various schemes. INS Zamorin is the base depot ship for administrative and logistic support for NAVAC.

Training & Life At Indian Naval Academy (NAVAC) 2
The main academic building complex is situated on the highest point of the academy.  It includes the Service and Technical Training wings, laboratories, workshops, library, and 1800-capacity auditorium.  The academy accepts up to 1200 cadets for officer-training each year. The period of initial training, at Indian Naval Academy (INA) Ezhimala, for 10+2 (Executive) and 10+2 (Technical) cadet entry is 4 years. The Naval Orientation course for Direct Entry is of 22 weeks duration. Through the 4 years of academy tenure, the cadets are trained in all aspects like physical training, swimming, drill, sports proficiency, equitation, x-country running and various service related subjects.

Training At Indian Naval Academy (NAVAC)

NAVAC has been specifically formulated to mould you into a morally upright, physically robust, mentally alert and technologically aware professional, dedicated to excellence. The implementation of the curriculum is oriented to ensure a clean break from the traditional strait jacketed mentality and infuse in you a sense of innovativeness, creativity, resourcefulness and a passion for excellence.

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Training & Life At Indian Naval Academy (NAVAC) 1
On reporting at the academy, cadets are assigned to squadrons. Currently there are 6 squadrons, namely Achiever, Braveheart, cheetah, Daredevil, Eagle and Fighter, which are planned to increase up to 16. Each squadron consists of four divisions with approximately 50 cadets in each division. Each division is commanded by a commissioned officer of the rank of Lieutenant, responsible for monitoring, guidance and counselling of the cadets. The squadron is headed by an officer of the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Cadets are accommodated in individual rooms in the Squadrons, though classroom instruction and outdoor training are conducted separately depending on the cadet’s selected majors and specializations.

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