‘Must Know’ Tips For Clearing SSB Screening Test

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test Tips

Officer Intelligence Rating test consisting of verbal & nonverbal reasoning forms an important part of SSB Screening exam. So candidates are advised not to take the test lightly. Avoid being overconfident. Considering the two major activities in Screening as OIR & PPDT, OIR test has almost 50% weightage.

The beforehand tips for OIR test are :-

  1. Prepare well for the verbal & nonverbal reasoning section before attending SSB as this can prove to be life saviour.
  2. Attempt All questions of OIR test booklet.
  3. There is no negative marks for wrong answers. So try to answer all questions.
  4. Read the questions carefully. Questions look very easy. So a little inattentiveness will lead to a wrong answer.
  5. If you are struggling with a particular type of question, then move on and come back to it at the end.
  6. While attempting the cubes and dice questions, be very careful.
  7. Look for the MOST obvious qualities of the shapes/pattern. These will be the things that you notice immediately when you look at the picture.
  8. If you’re given a really complicated shape, compare one small part of it (like a corner, or a stripe) to the answer choices, rather than trying to deal with the whole thing at once.
  9. Remember that this is the only activity for which you don’t need to compete with anyone. So give your best.
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PPDT Story Writing Tips

For PPDT Story Writing Tips and Techniques, while writing your story, keep a few key points in mind.

  1. Out of all the persons you see in the picture, mark one as the the hero of your story and keeping him/her in the center, write your story.
  2. Try to be as sensible & naturalistic as you can.
  3. Don’t write fairy tales stories or make use of unbelievable assumptions.
  4. Avoid using negative words like never, don’t, deny, death, loss, etc

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PPDT Individual Narration Tips

For Individual Narration, follow these few tips:

  1. Make your voice firm and clear.
  2. Avoid unclear pronunciation and inaudible voice.
  3. Avoid Looking up and down or towards assessors while speaking.
  4. Be confident & don’t go blank in between the narration.
  5. Use correct words without any grammatical mistakes.

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PPDT Group Discussion Tips

This is most discussed part of screening and everyone will suggest you different things. Try to follow the tips and key points given below to clear the PPDT group discussion :-

  1. Don’t be aggressive to others. Listen to what someone else has to say. Don’t be rigid.
  2. If your story is unique, go for the most common story in the group. Go with the majority.
  3. Avoid dominating the group members. Try to maintain decency & decorum of the discussion.
  4. Don’t try to form a common group story or lead the group. It’s because every candidate sitting there will be trying to do the same (this will lead to a ‘Fish Market‘ situation). Instead just keep adding point to the most common story & make it better.
  5. Don’t sit back during the discussion , “try” to participate (even if no one’s listening to you).
  6. Don’t start complimenting or criticizing anybody in the group. Use a very polite language if you need to disagree (try not to disagree).
  7. Keep your voice pitch at a high level as it generally turns into a fish market.
  8. Do not point the finger at any of the candidate for any reason whatsoever.
  9. Try motivating someone who hasn’t spoken at all in the discussion.
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Speaking 3-4 times, Rationally and impressively with firm voice, is enough for getting screened-in.

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