Agni-5 Long Range ICBM Test-Fired Successfully

India successfully launched its indigenously built long range intercontinental surface-to-surface nuclear warhead capable ballistic missile Agni-5 from a mobile launcher complex-4 of the Integrated Test Range off the Odisha coast in Balasore district on Dec 26, 2016. It was the fourth developmental and second canisterised trial of the missile.

The first test for the ICBM missile Agni-5 was conducted on April 19, 2012, the second was on September 15, 2013 and the third on January 31, 2015 from the same base.

Top 7 Key Points About Agni-5

1.  The Agni-V is a three-stage solid fuelled missile with composite motor casing in the second and third stage ICBM indigenously developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

2.  It is about 17 metre long, 2 metre wide and has launch weight of around 50 tonnes. The missile was designed to be easy to transport by road through the utilisation of a canister-launch missile system which is distinct from those of the earlier Agni missiles.

3.  It is capable of striking a target more than 5,000 kilometres with nuclear warhead carrying capacity of more than 1 tonne. Thus, it can hit most northern parts of China and other parts of Asia, Europe and Africa.

4.  Agni-V is expected to feature Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRVs) with each missile being capable of carrying 2–10 separate nuclear warheads. Each warhead can be assigned to a different target, separated by hundreds of kilometres.

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5.  It is also incorporates advanced technologies involving Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG), Inertial Navigation System (INS) and accelerometer for navigation and guidance.

6.  Once this missile is inducted, India will join the elite club of countries having ICBMs (missiles with a range of over 5,000-5,500km) alongside the US, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom.

7.  Agni-5 missile will enhance India’s strategic and deterrence capabilities. At present, India possesses Agni-1 (700 km range), Agni-2 (2000 km range), Agni-3 (2,500 km range) and Agni-4 ( more than 3,500 range) in its armoury of Agni missile series.

Watch this video below showing successful launching of Agni-5.

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