How To Fill Up The PIQ Form In SSB Interview

Personal Information Questionnaire form or PIQ form is the first set of document that is given to you after you arrive at any SSB selection center. It is basically a list of information about your personal details which ranges from your name, schooling, marks obtained in exams, hobbies, achievements, parents, extracurricular activities and many more.

Generally two copies of the PIQ form are to be filled by the candidates, where one copy goes to the Psychologist and the other one goes to the Interviewing Officer. The need to impress the Interviewing Officer or the Psychologist is there, because your interview is either partially or totally based on what you write in your PIQ form and the results of Psychologist tests are compared with the information which you have provided in your PIQ form.

Top 6 Tips To fill Up The PIQ Form

1.  Prepare Yourself

It is already a known fact that every candidate will have to fill up the PIQ form as and when they arrive at any SSB center. So, it pays to be prepared. Check out our various articles to know exactly what information you will be required to provide & what is the importance of each information you provide.

2.  Be Legible

This is not a new point. Everyone prefers a neatly written paper. Keeping yourself in place of your teachers, you may imagine how a bad handwriting kills the zeal. So take your time and try to write as neatly as possible. This might not surely get you screened-in, but it’ll leave a good impression on the person who sees your PIQ. Avoid any scribbling, overwriting or cutting. Write in a good legible handwriting.

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3.  Design The Package Well

Give the Interviewing Officer & Psychologist a feeling, that you’re already prepared to take the challenge. And you have prepared well for it, right from the childhood. Showcase your marks in exams. If not marks, then show them your extra-curricular activities. If not extra-curricular activities, show them your hobbies & any extra skill you got! Use a range of examples from all areas of your life – college, work and other interests/activities.

4.  Follow A Chronological Order

Avoid getting over-hyped. Keep calm and don’t overshoot facts. Especially in the case of your achievements and position of responsibility, follow a chronological order to describe the events either in ascending or descending order. However, you may prefer the ascending order of events.

5.  Avoid Over-bragging

It might be that you were an extraordinary guy or girl and have lots of achievements associated with your life. Remember that the PIQ form is not your autobiography. So divide your achievements as per their importance (and you should have actually done that before going for SSB) and write only those achievements which are crucial from the interview point-of-view. Don’t write everything just for the sake of filling up the form.

6.  Be Truthful

Write only the activities & achievements which are true & happened only with you. Don’t try to copy activities from anyone else’s PIQ sheet to make your PIQ sheet more impressive. Be assured that never ever write a lie or don’t boast any activity. Interviewing Officer or the Psychologist will find it very sooner and that will be quite harmful for your SSB interview. So never lie in your PIQ. Just write the things which are real and valid and have taken place in your life.

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Personal Information Questionnaire gives you a chance to reveal something of your personality. It is an open invitation to tell them what you want them to know about you. However, your answers should demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual with the skills, aptitude and personality to do the job and to fit into the organisation.

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