Is “Be Positive” Pressure A New Stress?

Just in the last post, we discussed how to stay positive in negative situations. So now what do we mean in this post. We all know that we have to be positive, focus only on what we want. We know how to stay positive, how to practice it and imbibe positive thinking into our lives.We know the benefits of positive thinking. But, have you ever experienced a moment when you know what to do and still unable to get hold of the situation? ‘Be Positive’ is the new slogan, a new way of life which you’ll hear everyday at least from one person or the other. Everyone around you might be telling you to ‘be positive’ when you’re down.

But the question here is does it really serve the purpose? Means do you really need to be positive at that very moment when you’re actually down?

A lot of articles and self help books are available (at least some millions) which will tell you about the power of positive thinking, importance and effect of positive thinking on our body & mind and so on & so forth. So do we need these advices when we’re really hit. Does these advices work every time round? It’s a big question. And the answer is probably No. It’s because sometimes we need to relax, we need to let go the things. We are not superman having superhuman capabilities. And so everything we dream of or try to achieve will perhaps not fall into our lap, even if we try for it till death.

1. Positive Thinking Pressure

Surely, everyone must have experienced a moment when the more you try to “be present,” the more your mind will get lost in overthinking. Controlling your thoughts will only make you slave of your own thoughts. And when you try ‘let go’, you just hold on tighter. Isn’t this a horrific situation? Sometimes people experiencing these kind of moments go into panic attacks too!

“Be positive” phenomenon has become the new way of life, a new way of telling someone to cheer up rather than knowing what has put him down actually. And no one really like to hear that he/she should feel better as per some standard protocol, at that point of time. Of course people already know that & they’ve heard it a million times before. And it’s quite annoying and useless to be told the same dos & don’ts over and over again. Preventing your emotions to come out or ramming down them inside will only make situation worse. It does no good to help people feel better. In worst cases, a person may experience an emotional outburst often leading to breakdown.

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2. Loosen Up. Unwind.

When you’re feeling down, the mind races into over-thinking and you start trying to find the reason behind the situation even if you know that you can’t control certain things or figure out a way to get out of the mood. Though at that point of time your mind won’t approve you of doing any other activity. Suddenly you’ll see that doing this makes a lot of sense. But irony of the moment is that this is exactly what keeps you stuck at one position and it keeps you busy doing nothing. This is almost like fighting with a giant spider’s web in which the more you try to escape, the more trapped you get. So the best way is to accept the situation as it is and to do just your part of duty.

3. Practice Art Of Living

Did someone tell you to differentiate between the positive and the negative thoughts when you are down? Latest stunts like these will neither solve your problem nor soothe you in difficult situations. You’ll feel like you are going nowhere. To take control of your life, a more sincere and significant approach is necessary. And that is meditation. Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content. It has been proven for centuries through all faiths and philosophies. Meditation may involve generating an emotional state for the purpose of analyzing that state—such as anger, hatred, etc.—or cultivating a particular mental response to various phenomena, such as compassion. Meditation will let know your true inner self and help you having a calming effect to directs awareness inward until pure awareness is achieved. Regular practice of meditation will make your fundamental base or your emotional front strong enough to sail through the storms of negativity. So when they do take you down occasionally, you now know what to do next.

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4. It’s Okay to Feel Low

Buddhism teaches the Noble Truths that pain is universal and inevitable. However, there is a difference between feeling down occasionally and dealing with a major depression. But in our day-to-day lives, we more often come across former type of stress. Unlike the latest techniques of handling stress, authentic saints understood that negative thinking is part of the human life, and you can’t do away with it completely. And they also knew that it’s the fastest route to self-hatred and self-destruction to expect more than your potential. Without feeling the lows, you would not appreciate the high emotions. These challenges actually bring the best out of us by strengthening and working out our brain muscles. So, next time when you are feeling low, know that it’s normal and don’t stress yourself out with the “Be Positive” syndrome.

5. Accepting All Parts of Life

Whenever you feel down, tell yourself that it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a part of life. When you feel this way, you’ll know that positive change is on its way. It’s getting into your system slowly, inch by inch. You’ll no longer fall apart when you feel the tension of life building up surrounding you. Just welcome it open-handed. Accept the process. Accept that you’re just a human being and it is all part of our lives. Negative thinking will not make your world shatter into pieces but will be the source of your evolution. So the first step to feeling better is realizing it’s only the part of whole process, and it’s more than okay. The more you resist, will persist, if not outside, it will linger inside you. The best part is to accept it that we can let go and move on towards better feelings and experiences.

Being positive is a slow and continuous process. It does not happen overnight. And you don’t need to hard-wire your system, you don’t need to remind yourself every single day about it. Give yourself some time. Realise what is important for you. I guess being happy is the only thing you should aim for. Rest of the things will follow along.

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