How To Stay Positive When You Lose It

We all face negative situations in our life. It is extremely important to understand that everything in life happens for a reason and there are no accidents. Going day-to-day with negative thoughts constantly can weigh anyone down both physically and mentally. It is important to shift these negative thoughts into positive ones before it can ruin your day and take a toll on your personal life. Many people do not think to push the thoughts away from our thinking pattern, but we can actually control what thoughts we decide to let affect us.

Negative situations are anything which are not in favour of you. It may be your boss coming heavily on you, your girlfriend or wife getting more than annoyed or your interviewer is about to throw you out thinking you a garbage! We can’t avoid them, so how can we counteract their negative effect on our lives and our attitudes? Learning the power of positive thinking helps us stay positive even in the midst of tragedy. Learning how to stay positive in negative situations is invaluable in leading a healthy lifestyle. In situations like above it is difficult to keep a positive attitude. However we’re judged by our communications so staying positive is the professional way to react to adverse situations.

Let us see top 5 chosen & time-tested methods to turn these negative situations into positive ones:

1. You Are Responsible For Yourself

Take responsibility for yourself, your reactions and your situation. What you cannot do is, you cannot take responsibility for your life, situations outside your control, and your reactions and be negative about the situations at the same time. Your mind can only focus on one thought at a time, positive or negative. So what you train your mind to focus on, it will do so. Talk to yourself, say “I’m responsible for myself and I can turn around this situation. Only I can take myself out of this mess”. Repeat it twice, thrice (with real feel). And then you’ll see that a new horizon will open up in front of you.

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2. Be Positive, Always

Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you stay positive when in a negative situation. There are plenty of negative people out there—avoid them! Their negative attitudes will only bring you down and be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve. When you are working under pressure it is hard to keep a positive attitude, but for a soldier or a military officer often pressure is part of the job. Learning how to work under pressure will help you overcome a source of negative situations. Keeping a  positive attitude in a negative situation is hard, but if you work at it you will learn to overcome your emotional reactions.

3. Use Negative Situations To Reap Benefit

Always look at a negative situation as an opportunity to reap benefit and keep growing personally. Don’t let your energy flow into a negative reaction, but into something positive that will make the situation better, not worse. If you react negatively to any situation, it might adversely affect the situation by making it worse. Take note of your negative reactions and the circumstances that caused it. Identify the triggers that caused your negative reaction so that you can watch for them in future. Prepare yourself so as to control the situation yourself instead of allowing the situation to control your actions.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity – Albert Einstein

4. You Are The Commander

The reality is that no person could make you feel down or lost, aside from you yourself. If you concentrate on issues that make you feel sad or offended, you’ll really feel negative. If you concentrate on issues that make you cheerful and enthusiastic about your life, you’ll feel constructive. An important factor to recollect about negative emotions is that you might have full dominance over the way in which you’re feeling, the way in which you reply to any state of affairs and the issues you consider at any time of the day. Exercise your capability to act positively, take accountability of your position in negative conditions, and permit yourself to let go of negative emotions that is perhaps trapped within you.

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5. Exercise Your Thought Process

Are you someone who frequently works himself up mentally? Do you consistently query your own actions? This time work up your mind to avoid doing that to yourself. The more you discuss negativity with yourself, the more that negativity will slowly become a part of you. As a substitute, practice the potential of constructive thinking. Any time an unfavourable thought strikes your mind, immediately replace it with a constructive or positive one. Sooner or later, this may turn out to be an automatic process inside your mind to turn every negative thought or situation into a positive one without you yourself being aware of it.


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