Visual Communication – Latest Weapon In Self Improvement Arsenal

As Wikipedia quotes, Visual communication is communication through a visual aid and is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon.

Visual communication is becoming more and more important everyday.  As you may know, for some time now, the trend for presentation slides has been to eliminate most, if not all, of the words and simply focus on bold, imaginative, engaging images. In the past couple years,  social media sites are also adding more and more visual elements.

Visual presentation of information and data is having an increasing impact on our practical life. In spite of having impact on our life, visual communication is not alone sufficient for exchanging information.

Why Does It Work?

So why should you go for visual communication? And what should you adapt for that differently? First, people really like visual presentations! Second, people really like short presentations! Now let us see top five reasons to go for Visual Communication:-

Effective Way Of Communication

If the audience is a little untrained or untaught than the level of communication being delivered, then the visual communication becomes more effective to exchange information. The audience can easily understand the information that is presented visually.

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Complements Oral Communication

Visual techniques and communication can be very well used along with oral communication to transfer the idea. Actually visual communication complements oral communication quite effectively when graphs, charts and diagrams are used with it.

Easy Explanation & Simple Presentation

Everyone can explain the meaning of it very easily. Easy explanation has made the visual techniques more popular. Whether you are seeking to communicate complex information, such as with statistical information, or seeking to emphasize the importance of an idea, visual communication can often accomplish these tasks much more quickly than verbal communication.

Helps Saving Time

Visual techniques help to prevent the wastage of time during presentation or while communicating with someone or a group. Written and oral communication takes a considerable amount time to absorbed by the audience and while exchanging information. The number of receivers of communication/information can also be effectively increased and communicated at one time through visual methods.

Provides More Flexibility

Visual communication can also be more flexible in many ways than verbal communication. For example, if you are seeking to communicate a marketing or advertising message to hundreds or thousands of people across diverse geographic areas, visual messages will often allow you to do so with more flexibility than verbal ones. Visual communication not only can bridge geographic distance, it also can span cultural differences.

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Given below is a short video which emphasises on the importance of Visual Communication titled “Express To Impress”.

Express To Impress – Importance Of Visual Communication

Express To Impress – Importance Of Visual Communication

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What’s In Store?

So finally what does all these things mean? If you are not giving a presentation or not engaged in oral communication, how can you use it for self-development?

To use it in our day-to-day life, just watch the video and see how one guy uses visual communication effectively and other one doesn’t. It’s almost like talking with your eyes and moves to communicate with someone so that he/she can grasp the idea of what you are communicating at one go (caution: these things are not to be used during personal interview). And that is Visual Communication.

Source: Wikipedia

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