Indian Army Successfully Trialed Dhanush ATAGS

The Indian Army has successfully carried out ‘user-validation’ trials of indigenous Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) Dhanush built by DRDO in the Himalayas. This trial was important as now it clears the way for the active induction in the Army.

Dhanush is a 155 mm towed howitzer used by the Indian Army. The design is based on Bofors, now Haubits FH77 which India acquired in the 1980s. Earlier, proof firing tests of Dhanush’s armament systems were carried out during technical trials in June and September 2016 and some initial integrated firing tests were successfully carried out in December 2016.

Dhanush ATAGS gun as of June 2016 has entered into active production with confirmed order of 24 guns.

Top 5 Key Points About Dhanush ATAGS

1.  Dhanush 155 MM/52 calibre towed artillery gun is based on the 1980s’ Bofors FH-77B/39 Calibre artillery gun design which is indigenously developed aided by the transfer of technology (ToT) clause signed with the Swedish company.

2.  Dhanush is developed and designed by designed by the DRDO’s Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) in collaboration with Ordnance Factories Board & other private companies.

3.  It boasts a range of 45 km with accuracy and precision and provides greater fire power, depending on the type of ammunition used. It also has night firing capability in direct fire mode.

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4.  It has several significant features such as an all-electric drive, quick deployability, high mobility, auxiliary power mode, advanced communication system, and automated command and control system.

5.  Version 2 of the Dhanush is under development. It will upgrade the current 155 mm/45 caliber to 155 mm/52 caliber. Dhanush v2 larger calibre ordinance will increase the strike range by 4 km to 42 km.

Source: Wikipedia

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