Top 10 Tips For Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test – SSB Screening

The probable keys to clear the SSB screening test can be broadly divided into following parts :-

  1. Above 80% scoring in OIR test.
  2. A good story with all the required qualities.
  3. A confident Individual narration.
  4. Average participation in PPDT group discussion.

So, we see that OIR is a very important aspect of SSB screening test. Also this is the single activity whose output/result depends completely on your output (in contrast to PPDT group discussion in which it’ll depend on the group’s performance upto some extent).

Thus it is important that candidates take OIR test seriously. Below, we have listed top 10 tips which you should follow while appearing for the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test :-

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test Tips

  1. Prepare well for the verbal & nonverbal reasoning section before attending SSB as this can prove to be life saviour.
  2. Attempt All questions of OIR test booklet.
  3. There is no negative marks for wrong answers. So try to answer all questions.
  4. Read the questions carefully. Questions look very easy. So a little inattentiveness will lead to a wrong answer.
  5. Always try to solve issues with proper formulas and tricks don’t be over smart to solve and experiment with a question by other tricks. It just kills your valuable time.
  6. Always attempt first those questions which you will answer quickly then fight for others. If you are struggling with a particular type of question, then move on and come back to it at the end.
  7. While attempting the cubes and dice questions, be very careful.
  8. Look for the MOST obvious qualities of the shapes/pattern. These will be the things that you notice immediately when you look at the picture.
  9. If you’re given a really complicated shape, compare one small part of it (like a corner, or a stripe) to the answer choices, rather than trying to deal with the whole thing at once.
  10. Remember that this is the only activity for which you don’t need to compete with anyone. So give your best.
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Once again, we would like to emphasize on the importance of OIR test and suggest that prepare well for it so that you don’t have to come back on the first day itself.

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