SSB Screening Test – An Overview

Screening Test is conducted on the first day of your reporting at Service Selection Board (on second day for those who reports in afternoon around 2.00 PM). This is almost an ordeal even for recommended candidates, but you need not to worry if you follow some basic rules. The screening test is used to scrutinize the candidates who are suitable for next phase of testing. It is an elimination test, a test to screen-in suitable candidates & screen-out unsuitable candidates. This also reduces the load on respective selection boards.

Once you are Screened-in, be assured that you will be staying at the selection center for at least next four days (in case you don’t break rules or follow illicit methods). Before the screening test starts you will be given ‘Chest Numbers’ which will be your identity thereafter. Avoid calling or referring your friends or other candidates by their names. Instead refer to their Chest Numbers. The Chest Numbers are given to make all the candidates feel equal. It also helps in speedy identification.

Screening Test consists of 3 parts. First is verbal/non-verbal reasoning test (OIR), second ‘Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT)’ and third is Group Discussion. We’ll cover all these topics in detail in subsequent posts.

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Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR)

This test is aimed to judge the Intelligence of a candidate. In this test you will be given Verbal and Non-Verbal test booklets which you have to solve in the given time. The number of question are generally 40-50 and time given to you to solve them is 17-20 minutes, depending on selection boards. There is No Negative Marking In Verbal and Non-Verbal tests so try to attempt all questions.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)

In this test your imagination, communication, group tasking skills will be judged. You will be shown a hazy picture for 30 seconds and you have to write a story on that picture within 4 minutes which will be followed by Individual Narration and Discussion within a group of 15 to 20 candidates.

Each one of you will be given 40 sec to 1 Min time to narrate your individual story. The time given to you will depend on the strength of your group if more candidates are there then less time will be given.

Stay along as we’ll be covering the various parts of screening test in detail.

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