Situation Reaction Test (SRT) Overview – SSB Psychology Test

Situation Reaction Tests (SRT) is another test in the Psychology test series of SSB. This test measures the individual’s reaction by challenging him with situations related to real life, in response to which he gives expression to his feelings. Situation Reaction Tests are not as unstructured as the Thematic Apperception Test and are generally stressful, unfamiliar and real to life situations. They act as an effective & projective method for revealing various personality traits directly through a candidate’s response.

In everyday life, all of us come across certain unforeseen situations and everyone has to deal with them either by choice or without any choice. Thus, as a result of one’s past experience of similar situations, a candidate can effortlessly respond to his/her given situation. To tackle these situations, one has to be alert, to think clearly, logically and quickly. The candidate has to keep cool and maintain presence of mind to bear situation-induced stress without getting nervous or tense. The situations presented to him are generally like ones we face in everyday life.

This is generally a test of common sense, reasoning ability and maturity. We all learn to react in a certain way to various situations which might be appropriate or inappropriate. What decides our way of reaction is our personal character or inner qualities and not the classroom knowledge/instructions. Situation Reaction Test (SRT) in SSB is designed in such a way so as to test the ability of the candidates to successfully meet or resolve common or even unfamiliar situations that a military officer may face during his service career.

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You will be given a booklet containing 60 situations which you have to answer in 30 minutes which can be broken down to 30 seconds per situation. This time limit has been intentionally shortened as to ensure that the candidate gives the first reaction which comes to his mind without thinking much over it. The situations are given in booklet in the form of statements which you have to complete by giving appropriate reactions.

You’ll be having very little time at your disposal—about half a minute for each situation. Hence, you must show presence of mind, realistic, logical and quick response. You have to demonstrate almost-lightening speed to answer all the situations. In the upcoming articles, we’ll be covering various tips & tricks of SRT. Stay tuned.

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