Self Description (SD) Test Overview – SSB Psychology Test

Self Description test which is also known as Self Appraisal or Self Story Writing, is the last test in Psychological test series at Service Selection Boards. This is termed as the last test but it is as important as the first one. The result of this test as calculated by Board Psychologist is compared with candidate’s personality which the candidate has displayed in the previous tests like TAT, WAT and SRT.

This test gives an idea to the Psychologist regarding how deep the candidate has knowledge about him, whether he knows his positive qualities and negative traits or not.

The Self Description (SD) requires the candidate to write down, as to what, in his/her opinion the following people think about him/her:

  1. Your parents.
  2. Your teachers.
  3. Your friends.
  4. You yourself.

The candidate is required to write down his/her own opinion about what the people mentioned in all the above categories think about him/her. Both, the positive aspects of his/her personality and the areas that he/she feels needs to be improved are required to be mentioned in three to four lines for each category.

The process of Self Description/ Self Appraisal has two-fold advantage. First it gives a chance to the candidate to reveal his/her own personality or character to the psychologist. Secondly, it shows whether the candidate has a fair insight about himself. If he/she knows and is conscious of his weaknesses, he/she will overcome and get rid of some of these and improve his personality. But if one does not have a fair insight of his own character, one cannot expect him to improve upon his personality.

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