What Are The Qualities Judged By GTO In Group Planning Exercise

In our previous articles, we have covered about the group planning exercise, its parts and various tips which you can use to rank up high in this group activity. Also known as the Military Planning Exercise, this activity is the second task in the GTO task series. This task has a model placed on ground which consists of certain problems which are to be solved.

Unlike the Group Discussion where necessarily no conclusion was to be reached, in this exercise the candidates have to reach a definite conclusion that is mutually agreed by the group.

However, as we know that every single activity in SSB interview is designed with a view to judge one quality or the other of a candidate. Let us now find out what are the main qualities that are judged by GTO in group planning exercise.

Qualities Judged By GTO In Group Planning Exercise

1. Effective Intelligence – Ability to solve problems narrated in the Exercise by perceiving, understanding and judging things will show this quality.

2. Organizing Ability – To plan a proper course of action using available resources and keeping time constraints and distances to be covered in view will describe a candidate’s organizing ability.

3. Reasoning Ability – Ability to convince others about the correctness of one’s plan of action with good and logical reasons during discussion stage will reflect this quality.

4. Power of Expression – Speaking in English or Hindi or mixture of both and showing the ability to convey the ideas (although we suggest that you should stick to one language), so that the other group members can follow it. This will show how effortlessly you can communicate and express yourself.

5. Social Adaptability – Ability to work in a group harmoniously and also contributing to the work output effectively is a prime factor. This quality can be very well seen if you are a group player.

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6. Sense of Responsibility – The plans made by the candidate and the priorities set by him giving due credit to each problem will reflect this quality well.

7. Cooperation – Apart from cooperating with other candidates during the discussion, this quality will be seen from the nature of the plan, action and involvement in the group etc.

8. Initiative -Those candidates, who start the discussions or take active and meaningful part in the initial stage will display their initiative. The candidate who volunteers to give the group plan at the end will prove that he has got initiative.

9. Self confidence – GTO can very easily make out and judge this quality by the manner of speaking, voice, tone and body language in general of a candidate.

10. Speed of decision – In case the group does not accept your plan, you should be able to take a side when different viewpoints are being expressed and you should do that rather appropriately and quickly. By this, you will exhibit speed of decision.

11. Influencing Ability – This will be seen by the way other candidates are getting influenced by what you say during the discussions and how you are convincing the group to follow your plan.

12. Determination – You must not give up at the first go even if other members express disagreement with your arguments. Try once to convince them by some additional points /arguments. If the group does not get convinced, don’t be a stubborn. Accept what the group has decided.

13. Courage – If the situation so demands, your plan should have courage element while solving the problem. If the situation demands that you should take some bold step, then you must do that.

We’re sure that keeping in mind these qualities and showing them off will help you score some brownie points which will keep you ahead of your group members. Good luck!

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