PIQ Sections Unwired: More Than Just A Pen Picture!

PIQ is the form that is filled in the very first day of arrival at SSB centers. It gives an immediate pen picture of the candidate to the assessors but if you delve down deeply, it is more than just a pen picture!

Some static informations like Name, Date of Birth, Address, Population of the candidate’s hometown cannot be changed, gives valuable information to the assessor about the place of development of the candidate i.e. rural or urban upbringing of the candidate.

Personal Background

As it is an established fact that the environment plays an important role in shaping any person’s personality, these information gives the assessor a view of the candidate’s exposure. Population of the place tells that among the larger mass, how the candidate is interacted to grow as a person. The assessor makes a mental silhouette of the candidate with these information and also begins to expect qualities and traits depending on the candidate’s exposure. Taking an example, a candidate grown up in a city is expected to show latest means of education, transport, internet, hospitals etc while solving his problems whereas a boy from a rural background is expected to use traditional means of facilities available to him.

Background Of Parents

Psychologically, it has been proved that parents play a pivotal role in shaping the personality of a child. So the occupation of parents, their life & death or income seriously affects a candidate’s personality and assessor keeps these factors in mind while assessing a candidate.

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Education Of Candidate


Education information gives responsibility level of a candidate as study is the only job assigned to a child usually (not always). So a good performance in studies shows a candidate’s intelligence, responsibility and also problem solving ability like he/she manages to score good marks by effectively handling his/her problems and utilizing the available resources. It also shows inclination of a candidate towards different academic subjects. Science and mathematics students are considered to be inquisitive or creative or the one with good cognitive development whereas Arts students generally show good affective development.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular activities shows the willingness of a candidate to take added responsibility along with studies. It also shows a candidate’s confidence to stand out in a group.



Interest/Hobbies show the ability of a candidate to use the leisure time constructively. Based on this, assessor asks follow-up questions to know the depth of involvement or degree of interest and ability to dive in deep in his/her area of interest. It is an indicator of good time management and finding happiness in more than one thing.


Sports/Games shows the team spirit of a candidate Any game involves cooperation, participation and team interest. Team interest is more important than personal interest when taken in view of armed forces. It drives the team to contribute towards towards the common cause. It reflects very important qualities like social adaptability, cooperation and team dynamics ability of a candidate. The level of participation and follow up questions help the assessor to gauge the degree of above-mentioned qualities in a candidate.

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NCC Certificate

NCC is a feeder organisation for armed forces. Candidates who are in possession of any NCC certificates are assessed favourably as it shows the candidate’s inclination towards armed forces as because volunteers in any service is always better than the one who have been forced into an organisaton.

Previous Appearances

Image For Representation Only

It gives the assessor the picture since when the candidate is attempting SSB interviews and what is driving him for armed forces. With the follow up questions, the assessor can easily make out the efforts the candidate has put in for the interviews.

To sum up, PIQ is the first document which board psychologists and interviewing officer go through to make a rough sketch of the personality of a candidate. It is also referred by the GTO to question the candidate during Command Tasks. And as they say, the first impression is the strongest impression of a person, so why not make it as strong as possible? Good luck.

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