Individual Narration (PPDT) – An Overview

Individual Narration is an important part of Stage I (Screening) at the Service Selection Boards. For this activity, you are required to narrate the story which you have written based on the picture shown to you (PPDT Test). This part is also equally important to get screened-in as each one of you will be assessed individually. Individual Narration actually assesses a candidate’s ability to put his/her words confidently in front of the whole group.

After writing story, candidates move to the next activity i.e. Individual Narration followed by a Group Discussion. Everyone gets a chance to narrate his or her story. Narration is also considered as important because you can show off some good qualities of yours.

Each candidate will be given 40 sec to 1 minute to narrate his/her individual story. The time given is not generally fixed as it will depend on the strength of your group. So be advised that if more candidates are there then less time will be given.

If individual narration goes well, it increases your chance to get screened-in. Everybody will pay fair hearing to your story and your narration should not be too much lengthy. Candidates must mention number of characters, age and mood of the characters in their respective story so that it becomes easy for assessors to identify main character of their story and other role playing characters. This way narration plays very important role.

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Take a note that when your group members are narrating their story, pay attention to them by carefully hearing their story. It will show that you are responsive & genuinely interested in other’s opinion. At the same time, you will also get some unique points/ideas while carefully listening to others.

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