Importance Of Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Form

Basically not a single activity should be taken lightly while attending an SSB. And filling up the PIQ form is the first thing every candidate will face in the selection centers. So avoid playing over-cool or oversmart. Remember that Armed Forces is looking for smart people, not oversmart.

Almost every person who is attending SSB for the second time (or more) knows the importance of PIQ form and the data to be written on it. If you are a fresher then read along as this article might enlighten your thought process. Let us discuss the importance of Personal Information Questionnaire form and some points one must keep in mind while filling up the details.

The Personal Information Questionnaire Form

Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ), as the name suggests, is just a form in which the candidates need to fill up various details starting from from your name, schooling, marks obtained in exams, hobbies, achievements, parents, extracurricular activities and more. The subsequent interviewing activities and their results depend a lot on what you fill in your PIQ form. Every candidate has to fill up two sets of PIQ forms, one of which goes to Interviewing Officer and the other goes to Board Psychologist.

Now the question arises here is that why the PIQ form is so important when it is just like any other personal info form (like the ones we use for opening bank accounts)? The whole process involves a two-way authenticity check of a candidate’s personality and integrity. How? Read along..

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