How To Crack GTO’s Group Planning Exercise In SSB

Group planning exercise reflects on a number of qualities in the OLQ’s profile. Some of them are exhibited directly and with greater force while others indirectly and in subtle way. The GPE mainly reflects on the qualities of effective or practical intelligence, logic, resourcefulness, planning and organisation.

Other qualities like determination, courage and sense of responsibility are reflected indirectly . Effective presentation of your plan depends on your power of expression. But the main part of your qualities is your problem solving behaviour.

Problem solving behaviour is a composite behaviour that involves effective intelligence, grasp (aided by the logical ability and intelligence), resourcefulness (imagination, application, exploration), planning and organisation and will to succeed (determination). With this understanding, let us now see what are essential elements which are to be followed for doing well in the GPE.

How To Crack GTO’s Group Planning Exercise

1. Be Attentive To Instructions

Group Testing Officer (GTO) will explain the situation in detail. You must listen to him rather carefully. Remember, the best impression is formed when you have the ‘total’ information. If you miss some or the other element of any situation, your overall plan might get affected in totality.

2. List Out The Problems

The situation presented to you in the GPE contains a string of problems. The number of problems is not certain. You may find two to three or even more number of problems in a situation. To solve the problem effectively, you need to list out them in chronological order so that you don’t miss out one.

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3. Analyse The Problems

Problems given in the situation vary in degree of difficulty from each other. Every problem varies from the other in terms of importance, urgency, complexity and number of sub-elements involved in it. Some problems need more resources than others. In short, you have to decide how and when will you attempt them ass every problem does not merit attention in equal measure.

4. Prioritize Your Problems

Remember, your resources are limited and you have a limited time to complete your exercise. So you have to judiciously divide them. The best way is to prioritize your problems and then allocating the different resources as per the merit of the problem.

5. Calculate Your Resources

No problem can be solved without men, material and other resources. Time is another important resource which is required to be managed very effectively as it cannot be manipulated later. You have to utilize resources from your immediate surrounding and use your imagination to put them to use. Remember that before setting the course for any exercise, you must have your resources calculated and well in place.

6. Planning and Organising

Your ability to plan and organise will aid you best to make a successful plan. Situation in GPE is peculiar in a way that you have to make plans for attending many problems at one time. Here the planning and organising is mixed with your ability to prioritise/reorganise the problems.

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The group planning exercise gives an opportunity to the group members to compare each others in terms of ideas, strength and application. The best and most acceptable group exercise plan is the blend of the solutions from all the members. The more focussed you are, more are the chances that you come out with the best acceptable solution to the exercise.

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