How To Change Or Postpone SSB/NSB Interview Dates

These days most SSB centers are giving more than one date and also dates, of absentee batch on the website on the website of Army/Navy/Air Force. Sometimes it is hard to attend the SSB interview on primary allotted dates, but there are few options which can help you to postpone your SSB interview schedule.

Most of the time you will be getting two dates for SSB interview, one is regular and another is absentee or secondary date. If you can manage, do go on the Primary date. If you can’t because of some valid reason, you have the option of going on the Secondary date and if even that is not possible you could go for the Absentee Batch.

But if any of the dates are not convenient for you, you may follow the different approach.

1.  You can send an Email/Speed post letter with a proper application and citing your genuine reason for NOT being able to attend the interview on the given date. You should attach copies of proof after the reason you quote i.e. Date sheet in case of Exams or Doctors Certificate in case of illness. Given below is a sample of the letter which you should send to your SSB center for changing or re-scheduling the interview dates.

  1.  Application For SSB Interview Date Change
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 2.  Remember to have a regular watch on the Army/Navy/Air Force websites for the list of Batches given datewise. You may find your name reappearing in another list after your request for change of date has been received by the SSB centre.

3.  Alternatively, you can give a call on the number listed on your call-up letter to the official number of respective SSB centre. It is preferable to call during early hours around 8:00 – 8:30 AM or so. Request the person on line for a fresh date, quoting your reasons. He may tell you that you will get a fresh date by post or email or it will be posted on the website. You will generally not get an exact date on phone. But if the person tells you that there are no remaining dates/batches or no new batch is scheduled, then be wise and go for the first date.

One thing to note here is that, attending SSB interview on any other date does not make any difference to your selection or impression. It is suggested that you should postpone your SSB interview dates only if you have a genuine reason for that. So it’s always better to attend SSB interview on the allotted date without going into much hassle.

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