Eligibility & Instructions For Joining AFA, Dundigal

There are three modes of entry in F(P) Course viz. CDSE/NCC/Airmen.
Candidates who apply for Air Force through more than one source will be
tested/interviewed at Air Force Selection Boards only once for Air Force as well as other arms of services.

Eligibility & Instructions For Joining AFA, Dundigal 1

Common candidate who fail in Computer Pilot Selection System (CPSS) and/or Pilot Aptitude Battery Test as an NCC or Airmen candidate will be called again for OLQ testing for Army/Navy/OTA only, if it is found that he has applied through CDS Exam, also.

Detailing for Training

Candidates recommended by the AFSBs and found medically fit by appropriate medical establishment are detailed for training strictly on the basis of merit and availability of vacancies. Separate merit list are prepared for Direct Entry candidates through UPSC and for NCC candidates.

The merit list for Direct Entry Flying (Pilot) candidates is based on the combined marks secured by the candidates in the tests conducted by the UPSC and at the Air Force Selection Boards. The merit list for NCC candidates is prepared on the basis of marks secured by them at AFSBs.

Training At AFA

The approximate duration of training for Flying Branch (Pilots) at the Air Force Academy will be 74 weeks.

(a) Insurance cover during Flying Training (Rates are under revision).
Air Force Group Insurance Society would pay Rs. 1,00,000/- for a monthly
contribution of Rs. 800/- pm as ex-gratia award to the next-of-kin of a flight cadet drawn from Civil life and undergoing flying training in an unfortunate eventuality. This cover would be provided by AFGIS on payment of monthly nonrefundable contribution of Rs. 76/- by each flight cadet undergoing flying training for which membership would be compulsory.

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(b) While the cost of training including accommodations, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment will be borne by Government, candidates will be expected to meet their pocket expenses themselves. The minimum expenses at the Air Force Academy are not likely to exceed Rs. 14,000/- (under revision) per annum. If a cadet’s parent or guardian is unable to meet wholly/partly even this expenditure, financial assistance may be granted by the Government. No cadet whose parent or guardian has an income of Rs. 750/- or above per month would be eligible for the grant of the financial assistance. Such parents should contact their respective district magistrate who will, in turn write a letter to the Commandant of AFA.

Joining Instructions For AFA, Dundigal

  1. Candidates will be asked to report for training on a specific date and time, which will be specified in the Joining Instructions. Reporting late without proper authority is not permissible. In case you report early, arrangements for stay will have to be done personally until you report to the reception centre as per laid down instructions.
  2. A Reception Centre will be established at Secunderabad Railway Station Exit Gate from 0900 hrs on the day of arrival. Your move from railway station to Air Force Academy will be arranged by the reception centre. The movement Control Officer (MCO) at the railway station can be contacted for guidance.
  3. During the period of the training, all cadets will be provided with suitable accommodation.
  4. Also, free messing will be arranged in the Flight Cadets Mess for the training period.
  5. Free medical services will be also provided during the training period. Please note that you will not be entitled to claim any compensation for any injury sustained while under training. If you have any injury or have fallen sick after your Air Force Medical Examination, you are required to intimate AFA on arrival.
  6. You would have to submit a medical certificate completed by you and a medical practitioner and furnish the same on arrival at AFA. The performa will be sent with your Joining Instructions.
  7. During training no leave will be granted except on medical and compassionate grounds
  8. To equip you with correct kitting requirements during training, as also your service career post commissioning, certain items (including uniform) will be issued to you on arrival at AFA.
  9. Candidates need to be in possession of certain items like towels, slippers, mosquito net, white handkerchiefs, dressing gown, hangers, electric iron etc, on arrival at AFA.
  10. Candidates must carry at least Rs 10,000/- as pocket allowance to meet initial kitting requirements
  11. Incase a candidate wishes to withdraw from training for any reason whatsoever or refuse to accept commission, if offered, he/she will be required to pay the entire cost of training to the Government . An undertaking to this effect will have to be given/ signed for the same.
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Source: Career Air Force, Indian Air Force