Dress Codes For SSB And NSB Interviews

Before going for SSB or NSB interviews, you should read very carefully each & every line of the call-up letter that you have received from the HQs. A detailed description regarding the various dresses required during the SSB interview is mentioned in the call-up letter. We have also covered below the different dresses and items which are to be brought by candidates for SSB interview.

Candidates need to follow certain dress codes during personal interview and GTO’s task or while going to mess or Recreation room. Also dress codes are to be followed at all times during their stay at selection centers. You need to look like a perfect gentleman or a lady.

Items to Be Brought: The following items will be required for the interview :-

Sl.No Item Quantity Required Remarks
Gents Ladies
a Dark colour trouser and light colour shirt 1 set 1 set* *Suits/Sarees permissible
b Shoes 1 pair 1 pair
c Neck tie 1 1 Optional
d Winter wear 1 1 Seasonal requirement during winter
e White shorts & T-shirts 1/2 sets For GTO tests
f Track suit 1* 2 set @ * For winters only @ May wear appropriate Indian dress
g Sports shoes 1 1 Preferably white
h Socks white 1/2 pairs 1/2 pairs
i Writing material (pen-blue/black),pencil, eraser, A4 size white paper (10 Nos) Adequate quantity Adequate quantity
k Passport size colour photograph 20 copies 20 copies Background of the photo should be white
l Toilet items As required As required
m Lock and key for safety of personal belongings
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Cash and Valuables: A maximum of Rupees One thousand over and above what is required for travelling expense may be carried. No valuables should be carried. Safe custody of cash and valuables will be the responsibility of the candidate.

For GTO:
Gents: Must wear white t-shirt and shorts with sports shoes. In winters, one can also wear track suit.
Ladies: Must wear Track suit during GTO with sports shoes.

For Personal Interview:
Gents: Can wear formal shirt, pant and shoe, blazer and tie are optional.
Ladies: Can wear formal shirt, pant and shoe or saree, blazer and tie are optional.

Formal dress can be used at the time of screening as well as in personal interview and conference. One must carry minimum 2 sets of formal dress. One set of GTO dress is enough for ssb interview. Sometimes you may have to attend personal interview just after your GTO. In that case you may not get time to change your clothes. However, don’t panic as sometimes you can directly attend the personal interview in the same dress (you’ll get prior instructions regarding this).

Source: Join Indian Army

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