6 Great Tips To Excel In SSB Group Planning Exercise

Group Planning exercise, as the name suggests, is essentially a group planning activity in which the group members together find solution to a given problem. To plan the things coherently in a logical and practical manner and to see the details carefully, one needs to take into account every possible prospect that can affect the projected solution.

As we have already discussed that group planning exercise has a model placed on ground which consists of certain problems which are to be solved. Initially the candidate is required to give his own solution and then discuss within his group and come to a common group solution.

In GPE, you are asked to write your solution on a piece of paper and then discuss all the solutions together with your group and then arrive at a common solution. Now we’ll be disclosing 7 great tips on how to excel in the Group Planning Exercise.

6 Great Tips To Excel In Group Planning Exercise

1. Effective Use Of Social Knowledge

Some problems in the Group Planning Exercise needs effective use of social knowledge. Social knowledge is basically the collective knowledge of a small group in social context. This knowledge will help you understand where your group stands, the members’ knowledge and contribution level. It will also help you to prioritize the problem and the usage of some resources on the correct way. Lack of social knowledge can lead to weaker solution or ineffective solution.

2. Logical Approach

Group planning exercise checks a candidate’s logical approach towards a problem. So be you and take your very own, natural approach to solve the problem. Avoid using taught or coached solutions as not every solution fits everywhere. Exercise your brain and practice lateral thinking instead of traditional approach. It is your own appreciation about what you give priority to. However, keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rule or only a single way to solve a particular Group Planning Exercise.

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3. Critical Analysis Of Problems

Analyzing a problem is even bigger a task than solving it. If you are able to critically and effectively analyze a problem, then it can give you an upper hand in group planning activity over other group members. Increase your observation power, look out for even the slightest detail, figure out your resources and start processing them together to reach a solution. Read the problem carefully and repeatedly to ascertain that you don’t miss out on any detail. Also listen to the instructions given by GTO very carefully.

4. Prioritize Your Problems

If you don’t know the priorities of the problems in hand, or are unable to differentiate between low-merit and high-importance problems, then it will be difficult for you in every step of your personal life, leave alone SSB interviews. The basic formula of prioritizing your problems is to give first priority to the life, second to the material damages and then identify the red herring which might distract you. While judging the priorities of the problems, first handle the situation that need immediate attention & action and secondly to that which can wait for some time.

5. Perfect Use Of Resources

No problem can be solved without men, material and other resources. Time is another important resource which is required to be managed very effectively as it cannot be manipulated later. You have to utilize resources from your immediate surrounding and use your imagination to put them to use. Remember that before setting the course for any exercise, you must have your resources calculated and well in place.

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6. Principle Of Parsimony

It is unthinkable to possess unlimited resources in real life. When many problems arise at one time and your resources are barely sufficient, the best thing to rely on is the principle of parsimony. Parsimony means effective, minimal and judicial use of resources. You might have to divide or recycle your men, material, time and money for solutions of many problems. Principle of parsimony will guide you how to plan, when your hands are tight. This will stimulate your imagination to explore ways and means to survive when you have exhausted most of your resources.

Group discussion and group planning are signs of mental courage. The attitude of a candidate in assessing the situation in planning exercise and his choice of solution would be significant pointers.

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