10 Things A Soldier Goes Through Making Him Indomitable

An Indian Army officer inherits glorious heritage and lasting traditions, blended perfectly with the latest advances in technology and get trained not only to be an Officer but also a Gentleman for life.

Far from their homes and loved ones, in the cold winds of frosty Siachen or the heat waves of hot Rajasthan or the hilly terrain of Arunachal, are soldiers on guard to protect our Republic while you are in your cozy home.

Let us take a little break from our busy schedules and see how our own soldiers go through the various experiences and phases of lives which make them indomitable.

1. The “Toughening” Phase

After getting through the selection procedure, future soldiers or rather newly recruited civilians move to the training centers. From the next day, starts the ironical part of the story. At first their lovely, long zulfein are deliberately cut to make them look almost like a joker (it’s only later they understand that this way they look more smart & gentlemen)!

This is followed by the frightening and spine-chilling training which continues for years & months to make them fit for surviving the harshest of climatic & physical conditions.

2. The “Antim Pag” Phase

After all the hardening & toughening, finally raw civilians get converted into disciplined and gentlemen soldiers. It’s now time for passing out, to step on the Antim Pag, to lead an Army officer’s life, to defend the country leading from the front.

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3. Loss Of “Camaraderie” Phase

Parting from the batchmates, going on their own to the units, facing challenges death everyday, comes one day the news of losing a friend with whom he/she might have shared the whole training, hardships & initial life in army.


4. “Losing Your Friend In Your Arms” Phase

With the wars, infiltration and strikes here & there, the soldiers lose their friend, sometimes right in front of their eyes, in their own arms and they feel so helpless! And those images, those sounds and cries haunt them for years..


5. “Guilty Of Killing Someone” Phase

It’s always a first time. The unimaginable feeling of sinfulness of killing someone for the first time crushes the soul of a soldier. However, our soldiers understand that it’s a give Or take policy! If you don’t give them (terrorists) your bullets, then you are going to receive their bullets!

6. “Getting Up & Going Again” Phase

Sooner our soldiers understand that it’s a passing phase and there are bigger goals to be achieved, larger targets to be destroyed. So, back to field, back to job!

7. “Saving Comrade” Phase

The battle for life goes on, in the field & outside it too! And no one comes to help them there. Each soldier plays the role of parent, brother, sister & mother for every other soldier.

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8. “Sandese Aate Hain” Phase

Waiting for letters and news from home becomes an integral part of lives of army men. Even letter writing & reading becomes a noteworthy affair for the families of armed forces people.


9. The “DLTGH” Phase

DLTGH refers to “Days Left To Go Home”! And that’s a term born in and made popular by the defence academies. Counting the days, striking them off the calendar and planning for the LEAVE is something which an Indian Armed Forces soldier does it for his/her whole life!

10. The “Homecoming” Phase

Finally, the time comes to go home, to meet the loved ones, to meet the dearest ones, to meet the dependables, to address the liabilities, to fulfill the responsibilities..

So, these stuffs builds a soldier which makes him reliablefearless, disciplined, consistentcourageous, motivated and a killing machine.

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